Responsible Mining Respects the Environment

Our plan focuses on more than simple replacement, but on restoration, and to leave the land better than we found it. This tract was part of an area that was commercially forested for more than a century. The timber industry’s practices included herbicide use and bedding activities that altered composition of the soils and contours of the land. Our plan is to reclaim the land by planting indigenous pines to replace the non-native scrub that presently fills the landscape, returning it to its true natural state.

Restoration Process

Tailings, the material which remains after the minerals have been extracted, are transported back to the mine from which they came to be redeposited into the earth. After the tailings are contoured and levels reach approximate pre-mining topography, topsoil, containing native seeds, roots and tubers, to re-establish vegetation and ground cover, will be added and the area will be re-graded to mimic pre-mining contours and topography.

Each mining area, consisting of 1.5 – 2.5 acres, will be excavated, processed and backfilled in approximately 20 days. Trees native to the area will be planted during the winter months and monitored for an extended period to assure healthy growth.

Following completion of all mining activities, the structures, equipment and material associated with the project will be permanently removed from the site. Any erosion control measures utilized during the project will remain in place until adequate vegetative cover has been established and will then be removed.