Distortions and Lies Mark New Low Point in Opponents’ Efforts to Block Twin Pines

Since we announced plans to mine titanium, zirconium and other rare-earth minerals from Trail Ridge, opponents have consistently made unsubstantiated claims to discredit us.

While we have made every effort to set the record straight, they continue to publish blatant lies, hoping people will follow them without doing their own research or using their analytical skills to determine the truth.

The latest case in point was the full-page ad in last week’s paper that claimed there was a close connection between Twin Pines and Georgia Renewable Power (GRP), a bio-diesel facility, in Madison County. They say that the facility in Madison County has had environmental issues and if problems exist there, Charlton County will have issues with the planned surface mine-to-reclamation effort proposed by Twin Pines.

We will leave it to GRP to fully set the record straight if it so choses. But an inquiry into GRP’s bio diesel environmental record revealed, as expected, that the words and pictures opponents used in their ad showed little to no regard for the truth.

Regardless, Twin Pines is a unique mining company. Once we extract the minerals needed for modern lifestyles and national security, the sandy soil is put back in place almost simultaneously and true, native vegetation is planted soon thereafter as seasonal climates permit.

The ongoing claim that we are going to somehow “drain the swamp” is ridiculous. Our mining process will not go deeper than 50 feet – which is the equivalent of about 20 paces for the average person.

Now, for the record, here are other facts:

  • There has never been any operational connection between Georgia Renewable Power and Twin Pines Minerals.
  • Steve Ingle, president of Twin Pines, served GRP in an advisory capacity before the plant in Madison County opened. He left more than a year before operations commenced and has had no role in the company since.
  • The two businesses are financed by the same investment company that funds many projects.
  • Twin Pines Minerals and Georgia Renewable Power are managed by separate and distinct management teams, share no employees or resources and are solely responsible for their own operations.

The opponents’ ad does not reflect these important facts … but then the complete story tells a narrative that does not fit their agenda.

It’s time for opponents to offer proof.

As many readers know, Twin Pines has completed numerous, thorough studies by well-known experts to determine that the mining process is environmentally sound, and the company’s investment is safe. The studies went well beyond what is normally required because we knew a series of spurious allegations would be made. We have certainly been correct about that.

This latest effort to discredit Twin Pines appears to be a desperate attempt by opponents in lieu of offering even one comprehensive, reputable study that negates Twin Pines findings.

Meanwhile, the meticulous studies completed by independent consultants continue to be examined by the Georgia Environmental Protection Division. They are charged with evaluating the science in its entirety and without bias.

We would not have made it this far if we did not know firsthand that truth does prevail. And nothing tells the truth more than extensive studies which are what the opponents really hate. All the dust and drama they create is just a distraction to their nonscientific utterings and cheap shots. What do they offer to make the region productive while at the same time protecting the environment?

We will continue to set the record straight. Nothing opponents say can diminish our confidence in our mining expertise or enthusiasm for Charlton County. If granted the permits, we will have hundreds of jobs available and begin filling positions immediately with preference to local applicants.