Twin Pines Minerals hosts presentation for Okefenokee Chamber of Commerce

Area business leaders turn out for overview of proposed mining project and question-and-answer session

Folkston, Ga. (September 12, 2019) – Business leaders from Charlton County and surrounding communities came together at the Charlton County Annex Auditorium in Folkston on September 11 to meet with senior management of Twin Pines Minerals (TPM) and representatives of the lead engineering firm, TTL. The evening’s topic was the titanium and zirconium mining project planned in the county.

TPM President Steve Ingle was joined by TTL’s Senior Project Manager Cindy House-Pearson and Geologist Jim Smith in a presentation that provided an overview of the company and the project. The trio provided facts about the property footprint, operating areas and location of the project, the environmentally responsible dry mining methods, land reclamation and restoration plans, and the extensive scientific studies and evaluation that are in progress.

A portion of the evening’s discussion that was of particular interest to the chamber of commerce members focused on the project’s economic impact. It is a $300 million investment that will bring about 400 long-term employment opportunities to Charlton County with positions that pay well above area averages with benefits. In addition, the project has the capacity to almost double the annual tax revenues the county presently collects.

Chamber members posed many thoughtful questions throughout the evening about the project’s environmental controls, land use and management practices, economic impact and other relevant matters.

“We appreciate the thoughtful questions, the honest discussion and the opportunity to address the topics that are of greatest interest to the business community,” said Ingle. “Their engagement is a testament to the fact that there is a great deal of interest in, and support for, this project and I am looking forward to implementing our plans as soon as possible.”

As part of its commitment to transparency, TPM plans to keep the community informed of its activities through a variety of mediums including additional community meetings, news updates, social media and postings on its website,